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Siri Berlin




Ateljé Siri Berlin
Elsa-Brändströms-Gata 3A
58232 Linköping


Get to know me

Hi, I am Siri. Siri Berlin. A name partially given to me and partially my own creation. I grew up in Germany and live right now in Linköping in Sweden. There I share a wonderful studio with my partner Kristian Sundin. 

Besides being a visual artist I also write poems and sometimes songs (which due to my lack of a handsome piano player never make it on stage as well as my lack of playing guitar properly). I love humans and I am living a pleasure- and sex-positive life. 

Life drawing is my passion, therefore I run diverse life drawing sessions in my studio in Linköping. When I travel I try to go to as many local sessions as possible. I just love being in a room full of creatives being inspired by the model and each other. Sometimes I record new episodes for my podcast Sex& Art


If you would like to get in contact with me for collaborations, exhibitions, a nice human encounter, or if you are interested in buying one of my pieces, please send a message to If you live in or visit Linköping, make sure to visit me at my studio at Elsa's Hus. 


See you around, 
Siri Berlin


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