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Agile Coaching &  Systemic Coaching and Consultation of Organizations

What I offer to corporates:

  • Help to implement Agile / Scrum as a new Framework (from C-level till team)

  • Support as an Agile Coach / Scrum Master

  • Accelerate change and self-organisation in teams.

  • Improve communication and therefore performance and well being in teams

  • Moderate kickoffs, world cafes, lessons learned 

  • Initiate personal development for team leads / managers / employees

  • Act as a sparring partner for managers, Scrum Masters, decision-makers

  • Moderate and advice conflict Management 

  • Workshops

    • Introduction into Agility​

    • Communication in teams

    • Agile Values (Each value is a workshop)

    • ...

Click here to find voices of former customers.

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