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Putting art back in the centre

I nearly don't believe it. After months and months of working in a demanding day job, I finally figured out some time to focus again on art. I feel hungry and dried out, inspired and overwhelmed. And I have no clue with what I should start.

There are two months of Florence which I haven't digested artistically, yet. My first trip last October and my second trip in April. A promise to myself: next time I go to Florence I need to have at least one month off to create from the inspiration. Better make it two month. As usual in the beginning of art time, I am a little bit stuck and at the same time I have thousands of ideas. A few years ago a friend gifted me a bowl of marbles, because during a talk with her I described to her that many many colourful marbles - representing all my ideas for projects - clog my brain. They all want to get out at the same time and therefore nothing comes out. So how do I get the marbles running one by one? Maybe I'll write about it. Writing always helps. If you know me a little bit, you know that I love challenges and then I feel the need to pressure myself and for example "from now on write a blog post every day". We'll see how that goes. Isn't art time also all about finding your own relaxed rhythm? Finding a way which explains how you digest the world? And as a dear friend once said: "Art needs a lot time of doing nothing." Wise words. (Yes, still thinking about this. And you.) The word rhythm reminds me that I actually also want to play guitar again, wright songs, poems, create music. There are still not enough musicians in my life. And it also reminds me that my dominant hand still being inflamed is not a big help with that. I mean with writing. I also want to listen more to music discover new artists make playlists. Also for the life trying sessions and planning to have in my studio in autumn. This text I'm writing with my voice. Never thought I would be so thankful for digital tools. I prefer writing with my hand, though. It does something to what I write when I have to listen to my voice while collecting my thoughts. So, if you listen closely you might hear my voice in between these lines. On the upside (in case you haven't done this): it feels a lot faster than hand writing. Of course, I will still edit the text. Also because the tool doesn't understand all my words correctly. So, here is a little overview on what I think I really want to do in the next months: (By the way: Art time this time means "just" working two days a week. Well, let's see how deep I can dive.)

1) A non artistic act I want to edit my art. I want to be easier found online. The question is whether this is for actually selling art or for my need to be seen in my original. Or both. And I'm not sure whether one or the other would create a different path. Maybe any effort would please both ideas. I want to create events and exhibitions - also to fill the studio with life again. Maybe I even will apply for exhibitions. I want to promote my new homepage: ( where I finally combine the artist with the coach and the therapist on one platform. I want to create more traffic on my social media. And yes I want to sell more art. 2)A traditional act Since a few years the first thing I do whenever going back into painting is doing a month of one self-portrait today. And I feel that this could be a good exercise right now as well. But being literally handicapped, I feel July is not the right time. Maybe I want to do this in August. Let's see. In addition, drawing with my non-dominant hand take so much more brain space. Unbelievable but true. It's a lot more exhausting. 3) A coaching act Working as an agile coach and organizational consultant in recent month was actually quite cool. I learned a lot and I see that I am able to teach lot. I see the need for workshop for managers who are in the midst of cultural and organizational change. 4) A sounding act, In case you haven't listen to my podcast yet, you can have a go here: There is still one episode I haven't edited. I recorded it with a good friend from Berlin nearly 1 year ago. I'm so sorry that I didn't get it published, yet. Editing just takes too much hand power. Nonetheless I'm looking for new people to interview for my podcast Sex&Art. I'd be interested in topics like nudity and shame, living-without-sex, asexuality, talking about sexuality and sexual desires. 5) An Italian act I took so many impressive pictures in Italy as reference photos for so many paintings to come. I want to at least sketch paint draw some of those. And the same is true for Linköping. And Berlin. 6)... And so much more I have at least five other ideas I'm going to talk about later. Maybe tomorrow or next week, we will see. I just started researching AI. Interesting. Makes me question even more what art is about what human expression is about and why I want to create. Talk to you soon, Siri

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