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What you can expect working with me...

I offer 1on1 sessions, couple sessions and workshops and I always work with a sex positive attitude.  All sexual preferences and all genders are welcome in my coaching and therapy space. We can discuss and find your solutions to topics like your sexual identity, sexual desires, phantasies, kink, different levels of desire with partners, erection, lust, sexual preferences, physical or emotional pain, shame, open or monogamous relationships and plenty more.

Before we start working together I offer a 20 minute info talk via Zoom or telephone to see whether we are a good fit.
For workshops an hour long coaching session is essential so I can take the best care that your needs will be met in the workshop.

If we decide to work together in a 1on1 setting, we can meet in person or online

It is important to me to listen to you and to work on what you want to change in your life. 

My work is inspired by my own life experience, science, spirituality, tantric approaches, philosophy, systemic therapy, somatic experiencing, non violent communication, body therapy and wise human beings I met throughout my life.
All our conversations stay confidential from my side. 

I am constantly working on growing my network of therapists, doctors and other facilitators to support you. To ensure my quality of work I regularly attend workshops and supervision.

I speak English, German and Swedish. To keep the quality of my work on the highest possible level I work in English and German. 

If you have further questions regarding my work, please send me an email and I will come back to you soon:

Talk to you soon,


Your Happy Sexologist

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