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Life Drawing

I love drawing from life. Several years ago I started going to figure drawing sessions quite frequently. The diversity of drawing sessions and models is very inspiring. They influence my work a lot. Life Drawing makes me a better drawer and painter - even when I am not painting humans.

When starting life drawing, most people start to draw with willow charcoal, a soft and easy erasable charcoal type. Throughout my practice I learned about the different types and qualities of charcoal and today I use them combined to achieve my results. I love deep, rich, fat compressed charcoal as well as very dry compressed charcoal. I like to get my hands dirty. Whenever I am traveling I try to find new types of charcoal, because charcoal is different everywhere. 

I started using markers on New Years Eve 2021 during a 14h online life drawing marathon. The markers I used I got gifted from my man (Kristian Sundin, a concept artist) who used these markers 20 years ago. Still working! Of course by now I added to that selection.

Doing ink sketches a good source of light is important to provide  clear light and shadow. I started working in this style in 202

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