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Art for Donation

4 little steps to a better world - and to receive original art!

1) Pick yor favorite drawing in this collection!
2) Make a donation to an organisation helping people in Gaza, Ukraine or Iran (suggested amount 85€ / 850kr, adjust to your income)
3) Send me the receipt of your donation to
4) For postage & packaging I will send you your piece of art. If you live in Linköping you can of course pick up your piece at my studio

Seeing hearts breaking all over the world, even right next to me and hearing some cracks coming from my chest as well, I decided to do what I can to find some meaning and hopefully some healing. Maybe just for myself. Maybe also for you or even for people in pain and fear right now. If you cannot stand to look at the dreadful news, pictures, arguments, wars, sufferings anymore maybe you want to focus on a beautiful piece of art. And by holding it in your hands or resting your eyes on it you can start believing that you are part of the solution. Because you can be.

Don’t hesitate to share this album and initiativ ❤️⭐️ Let’s do this. Siri

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