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Your pleasure is my pleasure.

"Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field,
I will meet you there." 

About ST
Siri Sundin / Siri Berlin

Hello and Welcome

My name is Siri and I am "The Happy Sexologist". I believe that everyBody has the right to a life full of love and pleasure. And I also believe that the reduction of shame, fear and pain contributes to a more peaceful world. It is my pleasure to inspire you to get where you as an individual or a couple are yearning to go.  

I am an experienced systemic and analytic coach (ESBA, Vienna), a trained psychosexual therapist (CICS, UK) and I provide a safe and trauma-informed space through my studies in Somatic Experiencing (Basis Kurs + year 1).

Besides working with groups, teams, and individuals during the last 15 years I regularly participated in workshops about somatic bodywork, tantra, and self-experience through traditional therapy approaches, all of which enrich my work. ​

Art is the fuel that keeps me going. If you want to check out my artistic side you find it here:  Art - Siri Berlin.

All my experience and all tools and wisdom I came across throughout my life I would like to use in your service. Your pleasure is my pleasure.

Welcome Home, 
Your Happy Sexologist.

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What I offer

We meet in a sex positive, secure, confidential and trauma informed space - online or in person.  All sexual preferences and all genders are welcome in my therapy and coaching space.

"Rory", Art by Siri Berlin, 2023

Love, Sex and Relationship

In a love, sex and relationship coaching, I will guide you toward your goals. Whether you want to find out, who you are as a sexual being, ask questions you never dared to ask, or find solutions for existing problems in your love or sex life or your relationship. Every session we will check in on where you stand and where you would like to go next. All of you is welcome.

"Nasim", Art by Siri Berlin, 2023

Love, Sex and Relationship coaching for 18-24y-olds

In a Love, Sex and Relationship Coaching for 18-25-year-olds, I create an easy-going space to explore what is already there in terms of knowledge, desire, and identity. All you ever wanted to ask and discuss about sex, love and relationship has a place in this session. We go together on a journey to find out how to create ease and fun around the topics Love, Sex and Relationship. All of you is welcome. And yes, also the dark, sad and angry parts.

"I hold you", Art by Siri Berlin 2021

Love, Sex and Relationship Coaching for couples

In our 90-minute-long couples coaching, we talk about your wishes and desires in love, sex, and relationship. I will help you to identify where you want to go - as a person and as well as a couple. Throughout the session, I will lead the process impartially. We will discuss first steps towards your shared goals. All conflicts, all desires, and all of you are welcome.

60 min
150€ / 1500kr

60 min
90€ / 900kr

90 min
180€ / 1800kr

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