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 - exercises powerd by love -


10 Sentences

Working with your inner critic

The goal of this exercise is to free the energy you want to use to live your original self and reach your goals, which right now is blocked by critical inner or outer voices. 

Firstly, think about the boldest sentence you would (secretly) like to say about yourself.

Like this:
I am a well-known artist, author, and coach. My art sells for high prices and faster than I can paint. I get invited to share my wisdom and art all over the world. My 5 bestselling books have been translated into 20 languages.

This sentence must be so bold that your critical inner voice wakes up and tells you .... why this is impossible.

For example ike this:
"I am not good enough"
"I am too old / young / stupid / ugly / etc..."
"I don't have enough experience"
"I don't have any relationships / not enough support / no money"

First, write the "bold" sentence at the top of a piece of paper.

Then write all 10 sentences which came up from your inner critic under the bold statement.
Leave space between each sentence.

Now find your personal opposite for each sentence.

For example, for: "I am too old" you could write "I have had the chance to gain more life experience, so my work is more profound than it would have been 20 years ago". It needs to be true to you. Your personal healing sentence.

One by one, cross out the negative sentence and write down the positive sentence you found for yourself. 

When you have found your 10 new sentences, write these sentences on a new sheet of paper. 

Hang these sentences somewhere where you can see them often or take a picture. Store it where you will see them regularly or read them every morning before you start your day. 

Have fun with this exercise and let me know about your experiences with it.




An exercise to (re-) connect with your partner, a loved one, or anyone you want to connect deeper with.


Prepare the room:


1) Create a mindful space for yourself

2) Light candles if you like, the room should be not too dark so you still can see each other's eyes well

3) Use a scent (essential oils, for example, nothing too distracting)

4) prepare a place to sit comfortably facing each other - not too close and not too far away. You should be able to look into each others eyes easily. (Maybe you want to sit on cushions, on the floor, or a mattress, if the body does not allow this right now chairs are an option, too.)


You can prepare the space together if you like.


Prepare yourself:


1) Create an open mindset in yourself


  • Give yourself some time before you meet, maybe take a bath or a shower. 

  • Make sure you wear something comfortable

  • Put away the phone, computer, or books

  • Maybe write down what is in your head right now so you can enter the eye-gazing without any inner distractions


2) Take care of potential disturbances


  • put your phones on silence 

  • Take steps to make sure no one disturbs your session (children, neighbors, other family members)

  • Drink something and if you like eat something light so you are not distracted by hunger or thirst.



1) Sit down opposite each other, close your eyes softly, and breathe calmly and deeply.

2) Open your eyes again when you are ready to start.

3) You begin now looking into each other's eyes. You can focus on one eye if you like. 

4) Continue to breathe. If you like you can open your mouth a little to allow an easier breathflow. With each breath you allow the other person to see more of you.


Everything that happens is welcome. Tears are welcome, thoughts are welcome, laughter is welcome, feeling nothing is welcome.

Just keep breathing and looking into the other person's eye.


If you want, you can set yourself a time signal to find an end. Make sure it is not a harsh sound.


I recommend a 10-minute session and yes, this can feel long if this is your first time gazing. See what time frame works for you.




  1. End the eye gazing slowly by thanking the other person for their presence (in silence or out loud) and closing your eyes again.

  2. When you feel like it, you can get up or stay together if you both decide to do so.




You can decide what you do after the session. 

Maybe you want to spend some time together, maybe you want to part. Eye gazing can be a very intense experience and some people might want or need to digest this before getting in contact again. Please respect your own and the others "yes" and "no".


If you decide to stay together a little longer together you can enjoy the connection silently or talk about what you experienced. Take turns if you decide to talk. Make sure to listen to the other person openly and do not comment or evaluate their answer. 


Have so much fun connecting. 
If you like, let me know how it went.



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