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Catching up - Wednesday 17th, 2024

Hello beautiful reader,

a lot is happening. In the world and in my mind. And on some winter days it feels even for a positive human like me that the world is properly fucked (I am German, we (at least used to) don't blurr these words. Because they are actuall not dangerous. And there is no difference in "fuxx" and fuck". (I should write a full essay on that. But not today). Feelings are not dangerous. Yes, sometime they remind us on pain, fear, shame in the past and blurring them (bluuring the feeling) feels like it helps. Only for a short while, though :-) But freshly fallen snow and meeting friends is a good recipe for me to get into a better mood. Even better when topped with a coffee at one of my favorite cafés. Nice. Time for myself. Time to think and write. I actually wanted to start working on my workshop "All of you. Finding your pleasure and sexual self" immediately. But then I felt the need to write and rant a bit.

Art: Even though in the first 2 weeks of the month there was happening something (for example my initiative "Art for donation" where I offer people who donate to Ukraine, Gaza or Iran one of my drawings (click for more info). I hate what is happening in the world. I hate that people still think that there is nothing one can do about it. I believe we need to become a lot more aware about what harm colonialism, patriarchy and capitalism did and do to the world. And we should recognize how deeply involved we are in it. I want to shine a light on that the "solution" does not be the 100% solution to be helpful. Every step in the right direction helps. And for fucx sake stop killing people. Ja, I know. Nobody is listening. As a wise person once said: The world is a shithole country :-) I feel stuck a lot right now. And it is difficult to believe that the things I do are helping in any way to making the world a better place. But somewhere I do believe they do...And then I am faced with humans who's only reaction is: before the ship sinks we just have one more big party. Uhhhhhh.

I want to use the time I have right now to do a bit of advertisement for my art and also make contacts (because I am non the less an optimist). Of course it would be nice to be in group exhibitions or competitions. Not sure whether I have enough energy for this right now. And it always costs something without any guaranteed financial or other outcome. I want to get better at everything. Every style of painting and how to express what I feel. Now. Immediately. But one thing is for sure: I do not get better by thinking about it. And doing takes time. Impatient me. Good that I know my demons.

On January 28th there will be the next exhibition in my studio coming up: "Lost. Gloves and other losses." In this exhibition I invite people to be part of the exhibition with writing about their loss. For me the single gloves symbolize loss. Loss which happens to all of us. We lose a glove or a game, money, a friend, our health or a loved one. We lose our mind and sometimes we even lose ourselves. In stating what we lost, we bring light to the loss and help digest it and ease the pain. Looking forward to it. I also want to invite people who come to the exhibition to think about what they lost and myabe adding it to the exhibition. Co-creation, so to say. Coaching & Therapy: My workshop is out, an evening talk ("Let's talk about sex, baby!" is out. Now I want to think a bit about reviving my podcast. I still like what I did in recent years. And there seem to be still new people listening to it. And yes, podcasting takes a lot of time. If you have ideas about who I could interview in the realm of "Sex&Art" let me know. (You can listen to the podcast here: Last week I had a nice coaching with a couple which made me look into non-monogamy again. So interesting and such a challenge in practise. Love to learn more. Want to do a podcast session about that. I also would love to do interviews with nonbinary and a-sexual people. If you know someone - let me know. Also if you have an idea for another topic for the podcast. Thanks. So, as you can see, there are plenty things I do and think about, trying to live my most original self and contributing in good ways to community.

The café is getting crowded now and that ends my little public diary entry here. And wow, there is some life music. I nearly forgot about that. Let me know if you have thoughts about my thoughts. That little feedback is alwas a nice push to make me keep doing what I am doing. Sending love, Siri

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