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So much much to do...

Writing, listening, painting, drawing, advertisement, exhibitions, events, life-drawing, organizing, cleaning. Please. Can you just let me know what I should do first? Nobody answered that question when I asked on Insta this morning. Stuck in the everything I now sit (already feeling a little better) on my grey sofa at the studio and - you might have guessed it - I am writing. Just before I opened this page I wrote a start of a poem. Which is not done, though. Because I had to start writing this blog. So I get it done before the upcoming life drawing session. (Or should I go back to the beginnings of the poem?) The poem is inspired by a photograph of a person I once used to know (sigh). A source of so much inspiration. And thinking about it, there is still this book I was starting out to create and and and... By the way: I try to actually "write". To type with my fingers. And my right hand already feels tired after a few lines. On Thursday I will finally get an xray done and I hope after that they stop being stingy with getting a cortisone injection. It would be nice to have my hand back. I did not know how much energy I take from whatever I do with my hands. In about an hour I will have the pleasure to draw (online) Andrea, an Italian model I drew already a few times (see below). Sessions with him are always inspiring.

Let's see what will happen tonight. Less expectation is usually better for the outcome. I felt the whole days a bit tired. Physically and mentally. Felt like I could not really start anything. Wanted to embrace that. And not do so much (after cleaning the apartment). But not doing anything is usually not making me feel any better. And then the rain. There are buckets coming down here recently. And all I hear from anywhere else is that they are melting in the heat. It's not that I envy them. I am usually not moving so much in over 30 degrees, either. But 20 degrees and loads of rain... Hope for a warmer August. And stable sunshine so I could go draw or even paint outside. It is funny how much easier it seems to me to draw. Actually, there is one less dimension to it, so, no wonder. When my man came to the studio, we went for a coffee and besides me destroying a glas there I started slowly feeling better. Linköping has some "culture in the city" thing going on right now. All the empty shops and spaces are filled with creative people for the next 3-4 weeks. It would be so amazing if that would be the case throughout the year. Maybe I just go for a walk to theses spaces every day now. I like conversations with artist.

Oh and they had a flee market (or shall I call it retro market?), where I found these wax pens with a little can on the tip which ends in a small nib - to be used as a "pen" on fabric. I will try them with ink tonight. Juchuu. And of course I will do some charcoal. Now I just need to convince myself that the drawings don't need to be fantastic. Because if I want to be as good as my new favorite drawing, I might not get anything done. Why. Is. It. So. Complicated??? Did I actually say that the lady in the first colorful picture is an Italian original? I was taking color swatches from the houses in Florence (with my camera) while she walked by. I have a few more interesting references from Italy. Hope to get some paintings done, soon. And some poems. And some urban sketching. And some advertising, and organizing events, and applying for exhibitions and knitting, and learning Italian and cleaning and baking.... Good night. Siri See you (more relaxed hopefully)soon.

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