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Do you see me already?

So, I'm just coming back from looking into social media again. How to amplify my Instagram and Facebook account, even thinking about YouTube. I also looked at other platforms where one can have portfolio as an artist like or Do you already see a difference in my presence online? Do I shine a light??? Let me know when my hard work !! of two hours already makes an enormous difference.

Torchered - shining a light on me (by Siri Berlin)

And then again at the same time not really wanting to put so much energy, time and effort into that online business. I want to create art. I want to have time to think and create and learn and love and enjoy life. And I want to have a working dominant hand. In case I haven't mentioned it. And while the birds outside are gathering on the roof tops in my neighbourhood for their evenly route through town, I reflect on what's happening in the world. Does my art in comparison even matter? Does it even matter to do art? Even when you are classically trained and super inspired famous artist in relation to what is important to the world right now: does it even matter? I guess, I was listening to too many videos on artificial intelligent, and these wars and riots recently... And yes I know all the positive answers to that. And the motivational quotes... What are my goals for my artistic time? The time where I just spent two days every week with paid work. I want to learn about a few topics I haven't had time to catch up on. What is the latest thing on new work, for example? What are all my colleague artists working on. And one of the topics I want to understand more about is AI. It's my new addictive topic. I tend to have addictions to horrific topics. It keeps me awake. A good thing and a bad thing. Let me know if you want to discuss AI. Even though we might not get to a "solution" or an agreement or to a point where we understand things fully, it might create some inspiration.

Today is day two of more freedom, less work, a lot more art, and free thinking. I am not sure whether you know that I recently got married and therefore I changed my last name. The beautiful last name of my partner is Sundin. And because a friend from Vienna asked me a few weeks before the wedding "Will you actually get the nice Swedish name?" I decided that this is actually a good idea. And while we're at it, I take advantage of the Swedish system and also change my first name. So Siri Simone Sundin it is. What do you think about that? I see and hear many raised eyebrows when I talk about that. Because in most countries this is not possible. Even too much rebellion. German law says, it is the right of the parents to name their child. I have a totally different opinion. Let me start by saying that at the tantra festival backk in 2016 I met a very lovely couple and after a little nervous breakdown from my side they told me that after the first real enlightning in one's life, one has the right to give oneself a new name. I love this idea so much. Coincidently, I just had figured out my artist name a few months before. Siri Berlin I started off with naming my artist persona Siri Berlin for a cabaret I created a few years back. And this name was partially given to me by another friend from Vienna. Ender always thought it was cool to be named after the place one came from. And as I might of mentioned before my soul was clearly born on Tempelhofer Feld. So what do you think? Is it alright to give yourself a name? Is it preposterous? Is it asking too much? Is it showing off, arrogant or just the best idea you've ever heard. And to be honest in so many cultures it is totally normal to get you names when you evolve. It's like signifier of a successful passage rite.

Why am I talking about this? Because today I went to the Swedish tax office to get a new identification card with my new name on. The German embassy has no time right now to fix a German passport. And I need to have this name written down. At least somewhere. At work (talking day job here) I haven't announced the change of my first name. That would be too much trouble. Too many discussions on whether it's appropriate or not. A friend even as well they can still call me Simone. I do prefer Siri, though. Contradicting this: In Italy I met a man called Simone. At some point I told him That I have no clue how to pronounce his name in Italian, because it is also "my name". Now, instead of calling me a Siri, like he did before, he always calls me Simone. I do kinda like that, Simone (in case you are reading). And fair enough, it is my middle name. Looking forward that you see me soon again, Sleep well, Siri Simone Sundin

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