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All the gloves - Exhibition: Lost. Gloves and other losses

In a photo exhibition on the last Sunday in January I will show photos of lost gloves combined with statements of people who have lost someone or something.


For me the single gloves symbolize loss. Loss which happens to all of us. We lose a glove or a game, money, a friend or a loved one. We lose our mind and sometimes we even lose ourselves.


In stating what we lost, we bring light to the loss and help digest it and ease the pain.

For about 3 years I have collected photos of gloves people lost on the streets. Nearly every walk brings a new treasure.


How you can be part of this exhibition:

Did you lose something or someone? Pick one of the gloves I will post online and send me a statement with who or what you lost. It can be a sentence or a whole paragraph or you might even want to express your loss in a poem. You can sign it with your name or keep it anonymous. Your choice.


Your statement will be published in the exhibition and later on also online, together with the photo you picked.

I am looking forward to your contribution. Thanks for showing up with your loss.


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