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Siri Berlin - Artist

"To live a creative life,
we must lose our fear of being wrong."

Welcome to my virtual studio. It makes me happy to know that you are interested in my creations. My art is most of the time pure self-expression. I am very diverse in medium, but consistent on the topic - everything human. 

Siri Berlin - Artist

Creating art is one of my favorite ways of living, one of my favorite forms to feel alive.

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Life Drawing

I love drawing from life. Several years ago I started going to figure drawing sessions quite frequently. The diversity of drawing sessions is very inspiring. Sessions and of course the incredible models from all over the world influence my work a lot. Life Drawing also makes me a better painter.


Plain Air Painting

To practice and discover new drawing and painting skills I like to create out doors. Plain Air is a way for my to get acquainted to new places or just spend some time with myself.



When painting, I prefer creating from imagination and I focus on colors and form to achieve my own unique expression.



My portrait practice varies from paintings or drawings from life or from photos. While a portrait from a photo allows me to become creative with the style, light, medium and surroundings, in a life portrait session I focus on the connection to another human being. Trying to capture the essence of someone is a wonderful challenge.

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